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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 1, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> greg: we're out of time thanks to jamie lissow, erin perrine, balanced and unafraid. here is "the ingraham angle." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham, this is th >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle," thanks for being with us. biden and son, america for sale, the focus of tonight's angle. they've changed their explanations more than hunter changed prostitutes. >> president biden: i've never spoke to my son about overseas business dealings. no but to this, we never did. >> the president was never in business with his son.
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>> hunter may have put his father on the phone with any number of different people and they never once spoke about business dealings, it was casual conversation, nicety, the weather. >> laura: like susan rice was during benghazi. you can't prove he helped hunter's clients. they think you are this stupid. their new pitch that bidenomics is working. did you see this today? biden overall approval overtime low on the economy, just 34%. americans are not stupid. facts are stubborn things. most americans are getting poorer, the bidens keep getting richer and evidence about hunter pointed to unmistakable
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conclusion issue the biden family acted like the u.s. government was for sale. hunter old pal and business partner devin archer testified on capitol hill today and confirmed what we expected before, joe biden lied when he said he didn't know anything about his son's business. when vp, joe biden was put on phone calls with clients, not to discuss the weather, to reassure the clients the big guy was on their side. devin archer testified at least 20 times and said joe biden was on the phone to basically sell the brand. no one should get hung up issue republicans want to do, on whether sufficient proof exists to convict joe biden of financial crime thachl is irrelevant here. if biden had brains, he would
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never had wanted funds to go to him, it would be better if it all went to his son or his brother, as long as it went to a biden. hunter was promoting himself as someone who could get something done. remember the what's app message? his dad was happy to participate in calls with foreign clients. imagine for one millisecond, same fact pattern applied to don jr. and donald trump, do you think the "new york times" would be defending his actions? never a concern about needing a -- never a consideration. we know that hunter was paid obscene amounts of money for one reason and one reason only. he could deliver results. what foreign energy company or bank would ever consider writing
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a check for $10 million as burisma did and expect nothing in return, just nothing? do we think the chinese energy firm, cefc, randomly wrote checks, whether or not they received services in return? the type of services only hunter could provide? that is the type of absurd argument the democrats have us to believe. to put it another way, that hu hunter, who had no expertise in foreign business because his dad did for them. that is a lie. we know joe made it clear what he would do to zelenskyy if the prosecutor was not fired that just so happened to be investigating burisma. >> president biden: i said, you are not getting a billion, i'm
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leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. he got fired and they put in someone who was solid. >> laura: wouldn't investigate burisma. remember how trump was impeached for a phone call trying to get to the bottom of that. >> they indict me for nothing and this was a crime family, that was like mobsters, the way he spoke about his father sitting there and he was sitting there. does anyone doubt that? >> laura: amongst many shocking revelations from archer was this, that hunter biden and top executives called dc to ask obama administration to help fire the ukrainian prosecutor. the only question that really matters here, how did the bidens
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get so rich and what services were paid to hunter biden under these circumstances? this point, to save the u.s. government on investigation, we should get congress to pass the biden family support act for 2023, apripriate 50 million and be done once and for all. think how much we're spending. i'm only kidding. this has never been a hunter biden scandal, it is a biden family scandal. everyone knows it, every lawyer there today, every lobbyist, every foreign official. i'm telling you this, democrats cannot keep spining and lying to us. they can try. it will not change the following. this saga has formed another political cloud over joe biden
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that will never depart. and if the democrats continue to defend this, hang it all on legal semanhuntics, no one will take it. how silly and hypocritical does biden sound when lecturing other countries about democracy or need to preserve norms. joe, what norms are those exactly? using your whacked out son to make money by his dropping your name, putting you on the phone and bragging how the bidens deliver and leaving the customer with pretty box full of air and they wrote big checks? is this what democracy looks like biden style? best lawyer in america may never be able to prove that joe biden had the intent to solicit bribe and senate wouldn't have votes to convict him.
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that is beside the point. it is not about whether joe himself committed a crime, it is whether we want to reward this family with four years in office. democrats want us all to move on and yes, we intend to from the bidens and that is the angle. joining me now mollie and miranda devine. the statement from the white house claiming this proves president biden did nothing wrong. >> mollie: that is interesting statement to get from the white house, matches what their interest is. what happened today was breathtaking. we have devin archer saying burisma executives asked hunter biden to help them get the prosecutor going after them fired. we know, everybody knows, no one denies president biden was the point person. joe biden was speak nothing
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front of ukrainian parliament to get the guy fired and he bragged about getting it done within a few short months. this is how the biden family business works and ukraine is one example, romania, china, russia, paid millions for this type of action and this is amazingly corrupt behavior. whether the white house wants to admit or not. >> laura: we played that video from goldman. he came out and decided he had cred from impeachment, use him as susan rice comparison. this is what he claimed was vindicated today, watch this. >> not a shred of evident of single conflict of interest of president biden ever doing anything in kksz connection or in relation to hunter biden
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business ventures other than advocating for removal of prosecutor general who was advantageous to burisma. >> laura: miranda, he is flop sweating and i think for good reason. your reaction? >> he is playing role of defense counsel for the biden family but can't get out of his prosecutorial role because he is making the case for joe biden here again. victor shokin, the prosecutor there was investigating burisma, the company paying hunter biden $ $83,000 a month.
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within a few months of hunter biden and devin archer getting joe biden on the phone to talk to their burisma paymaster in dubai, we had viktor shokin seizing all property belonging to owner of burisma in kyiv. he was operating as a thorn in the side of burisma. we know that because burisma executives were extorting and trying to get devin archer and hunter biden to do something about shokin because it was causing them problems. again, yeah. >> laura: i'm just saying, you took the words out of my mouth. mollie, this is not a coincidence. what talent, in your reporting, does hunter biden have in
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finance? >> mollie: all the drama in the trump administration, they were a global business involving real estate and media was so curious. here the biden family business, not a single tangible thing they offer other than changes to u.s. policy and there was change in u.s. policy advantageous to burisma, paying the vice president's son money for this access. there was moscow wife that was giving money to the bidens, she is not on the sanction list. this is what was offered, but nothing tangible or realistically paid hunter biden for other than access to joe biden. >> laura: miranda, hunter was selling the illusion that his father would step in and help.
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we're supposed to believe he cheated his clients and hooj conglomerates and financiers are writing checks for nothing? if so, did hunter biden declare gift on his tax return? that is subject to gift tax. i don't believe he did. >> spin coming out of democrats is desperate and hilarious to pretend it is nothing that joe biden appeared on speaker phone at 20 business meetings with benefactors spraying him with diamonds and cash to pretend that is nothing and joe biden was just dialed in to talk about the weather, of course joe biden is not going to discuss the fine points of the deal. he is the chairman. it is just the whole point of
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influence pedalling, demonstrate you can get the most powerful man in ukraine or china on the phone in a moment's notice and that was demonstrated with phone calls and dinners and everybody knows that. i think the democrats think they can get away with it. "new york times" and cnn and "washington post" will not report as they should. they will report it as spin from the white house, which is that joe biden is just such a good father, that he calls his son everyday. speaking of corrupt. >> laura: no conflict, mollie, joe biden didn't say, my son is helping burisma. he needed to say that. >> mollie: nothing but conflict ofs interest. >> laura: great to see you both
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tonight. thank you, more with byron donalds, i can't wait to hear what he has to say later on. and collapsing, meet aoc, wasn't she supposed to be a progressive? next.
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♪ >> laura: well, i don't think this is the heap that sinatra was singing about. in new york over the weekend, hundreds of migrants violently trie >> laura: into new york over th weekend,riou hundreds of migran triealled to break into the roosevelt hotel. people working hotel security could not handle the small migrant riot. as of this morning, hundreds were camped thoutside. >> migrants were told there was no space inside and many waited outsidutsie and others slept outside. 93,000m migrants or asylum seekers have arrived to new york. some have been bussed to other
1:21 am there are 56,000 in the city's n care.d th >> laura: help usher in a new americettia and this is what we getting, millions upon millions of illegals who fanned out across america with free cell be phones andne dubious intention,e they want benefits. people struggling the most like people in chicago. >> the community continues to feel inundated with noise and ti most recently violent actses. >> they drink, deal drugs, there is prostitution. the seniors are afraid. they disrespect us, rob us, harass w us. >> i haven't been safe. felt sag school he should be able to walk
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freely to and from school. >> laura: of course, if democrat policies aren't littering urban american with illegal aliens destroying it permissive policies toward crime. look at once grand san francisco. city leaders seem more concerned about removing elon's musk from twitter's former headquarters than actually locking up violent offenders. it's a sanctuary city not just for illegals but for deranged politicians as well it turns out. city residents were incensed to learn that d.a. brook jenkins decided not to charge two defendants behind the violent carjacking and crash you see here. even with the perpetrator caught on video. well, jenkins says more investigation is required to properly charge this case. what a place. one where job creators are hassled but thugs doing drugs are coddled. miles away in oakland the violence has gotten so bad that
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the naacp is demanding that city leaders declare crime a state of emergency surely things in our nation's capital got to be better? wrong. endangered species and here is where things stand. compared with this time last year homicide rates in d.c. are currently up 17%. carjackings up 117%. and violent crime overall is up 38 %. in fact, the situation has gotten so dire in washington, d.c., that the mexican consulate there, yes, mexican consulate has issued a warning to their citizens. attention mexican community, the city of washington, d.c. is experiencing a significant increase in crime in areas previously considered safe take precautions. now, liberals always hated the idea, didn't they, of american greatness. and america as number one. and we are getting a clear idea of what it all looks like
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because this is what it is, third world america. now, for years, we have told you that aoc was a progressive fraud. she had an opportunity to meet conservative populist in the middle on issues like government surveillance, these forever wars and not letting big business dictate our lives stuff we could work together on. of course she is too obsessed with political power to do any of that now the liberal media are finally catching up. a recent piece in the new york magazine declared aoc is a regular old democrat now saying since taking office in january 2019, she has deferred to party leadership again and again on issues that matter, even as she has made token gestures of resistance to try to solidify the allusion that she is a goo a good fly. steven, she is she is entitled. petulant. good at tiktok and those types
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of things. she is ultimately going to bow down to the establishment in the end. >> it's entirely a performative rebelliousness. there is no actual rebellian. there is no actual resistance democrat leadership. issue after issue indistinguishable from corporate democrats. look on the reauthorization bill. she voted with democrat leadership to kill every amendment to impose some kind of control on the ukraine policy not only voted against the funding ukraine war. joe biden to have a strategy on ukraine. she has gone full blown neocon, laura. >> laura: neocon pro-war type. she sees what happened with kyrsten sinema. they just want to leave her behind and leave her in the dust in the democrat party. anyone else. she could have actually made real alliances with conservative populist on these issues that she claimed which she campaigned
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to care about. thee is more repulsed by conservatives than she is with any allegiance towards real progressivism. >> that's the real tragedy. it would actually be good for our country. >> laura: work together. >> good for our country to have a real patriotic left, that questioned mega corporations. questioned oligarchy, questioned the war machine, that questioned by the way who is profiting from open borders. >> laura: like glenn greenwald one of those people. having that in congress would be very good for america. we would wants those kinds of leftists. now they are all the same bland old horrible d.c. democrat that is for corporate policy and war policy down the line. >> laura: aoc solidified her cred with this latest endorsement. >> i think he has done quite well, given the limitations that we have. i do think that there ebbs and flows as there are in any
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presidency. the inflation reduction act was a massive step in terms of our climate agenda. >> will you be supporting joe biden for re-election? >> i believe given that field, yes. >> is it just me or did she look like she actually was laughing at herself saying that she looked like she was going to burst into lafayette are because she knows it's all bs. >> given given in place. >> inflation reduction act. what is that going to do. >> jfk jr. probably disagree on 90% of the issues. >> i have to have higher percentage. >> to have people what is big pharma up to. what are big business up to. >> why is there censorship on the first amendment? all the kinds of issues that should unite right and left. >> laura: trump should hitth hit illegal immigration. do not just if he campaigns. >> i absolutely agree.
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>> chicago, oakland, st. louis. >> the black vote is up for grabs more than ever on this issue after what's happened under biden with the delusion of their communities. >> laura: i said this to desantis people and trump people it should be no state or city left behind. >> go do it, laura. >> laura: thank you. >> thank you. >> laura: now it's full-time for our political pallet cleanser. >> laura: how to beat the unbearable heat. california police responding to a bear sighting in burbank the found the animal bare naked in a jacuzzi behind the home. the heat was turned off. the bear lounged blew some bubbles. escaped over a wall. that's tonight's palate cleanser. j.d. vance is here with reaction next. ♪
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how do you think republicans can justify blasting bidenomics when what they are saying about his policies is objectively false? >> people need to stop paying attention to the polls and start paying attention to what joe biden is actually doing. and the numbers don't lie. republicans do. >> laura: the numbers don't lie, what? what is she looking at? what polls are they talking about? a new cbs poll for one most respondents describing the economy uncertain along with calling it bad and struggling. only 34% approve of joe biden, the job he is doing on the economy and when asked what comes to mind when voters think of bidenomics? half of respondents said inflation smarted americans, 49% inflation. while 32 percent said job creation. no comment. joining me now is j.d. vance. they are going to spend a time
1:35 am
and money selling bidenomics. my point on friday night is a point i'm going to state again for those who missed it. if republicans get caught in the culture wars and leave the economic lane to biden, anything's possible. do you not agree? >> that's exactly right, laura. most americans are voting their pocketbook and look biden economics is a failure we need to point that out and make the case to the people make their lives better. average ohioans bidenomics is higher food and gas prices. it's the fact if your children can't afford a home these days because interest rates are so high and all of the homes are going to chinese investors and illegal aliens who are coming in and taking them. bidenomics is the emiss ration of the american middle class average american family has $500 or fewer in the bank account and worried about taking vacation. what bidenomics is doing is
1:36 am
taking american citizens and turn them into permanent renters. people that can't afford a home and slice of their own nation. that is not a record of achievement but republicans cannot forget it and cannot ignore that reality. most americans right now feel very precarious in their economic lives and they have every right. to say they have a right to expect the government put their interest first. that's the argument republicans have to make. if we do, laura, we are going to wind a landslide 2024 and get a chance to govern this country. >> laura: trump is way ahead of everybody in the field. it's just stunning every demographic group he is leading. desantis didn't listener to what we were trying to say earlier. away from that and go back to the economy. i know you have endorsed president trump. but, at this point, do you agree that a discussion about, like, slavery and school curricula vs. how much is gas going to be in 2025? that's there is no contest there
1:37 am
what people want to hear. >> yeah, look, laura, obviously the cultural stuff matters, the life issue matters. >> laura: you bet. >> american values matters. and you and i agree on that. we also have to recognize that most americans are voting their pocketbooks and rightfully so. if you think of the entire trump campaign, he still is talking about issues that most conventional republicans are terrified of, including by the way his competitors in the republican primary field. is he talking about trade. is he talking about the fact that immigration steals wages from working and middle class americans that if we have 10 million, 15 million illegal aliens coming in and taking homes from the average american citizen next generation is not going to be able to afford to buy a home. that's what people care about. it's an insult and a terrible verdict on the republican party that donald trump is still one of the few people in our movement who is still talking about these issues. >> laura: the working class.
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>> the rest of the party ha catch up here. >> laura: speaking of this is right in your wheelhouse, senator. news came out this afternoon bloomberg reporting that a political action committee with close ties to billionaire charles koch has raised now $78 million in the first half of 2023 with pretty much the sole purpose of preventing president trump from becoming the republican nominee. it's americans for prosperity pac or something like that. your reaction to that development? >> we have to remember what that money wants. that what that money wants is wide open borders and it wants to continue to ship our industrial base all of our good jobs and our manufacturing to china and the rest of east asia. they hate donald trump because they hate the agenda and they hate the fact that working class americans are finally starting to fight back. we cannot ignore what's at stake in this election. this is the main reason, laura, i would say to folks should support donald trump for president because if trump
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loses, either the primary or the general election, all of the old school establishment republicans will try to take us back to the losing agenda that led to the emiss ration, the end in many ways of the traditional american middle class if trump can win and if he can pull outs a governing agenda over the next four years. what we have a chance to do is re-set the republican party. it's not shocking the old guard is putting hundreds of millions of dollars. the question is what do we do and we have to fight for it. >> laura: yeah. well, desantis' message is very similar to trump's. if you listened to him in new hampshire today it was get rid of most favored nation status for china and, you know, there are a lot of good things there but, i mean, trump is just destroying the field right now, fascinating but charles koch is very worried. senator, great to see you. joe biden offers a shocking admission in a brand new interview and black voters aren't buying the white house line. raymond arroyo has it all "see
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>> laura: it's time for seen and unseen segment where we reveal the stories behind the headlines for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. while we learn more about biden's business dealings, joe is offering his own true
1:45 am
confession. >> you know, laura, when public figures let their guard down, that's often when the truth comes tumbling out. joe biden sat for a wellness podcast for who else would you turn to for wellness advice. he offered sage tips for co-including with world leaders to deceive the public. listen have any will say to leaders sometimes why don't you let me criticize you for this or thank you for that and most of the time they will go okay. or why don't you -- why don't you criticize me. why don't you criticize me for my not doing something and then i will respond and say okay. and then can you do what you want to do? >> so basically, laura, joe biden conspires with world leaders to create a dumb show for the public so they can all go out and do whatever the hell they want to do. that's called deception and it's really a bad look when you are being charged with making money off of foreign entities.
1:46 am
>> i love the dark. creepy. appropriate, ray. >> very intimate. almost confessional. and then the president offered this advice to those the frail elderly. >> it's like, you know, you are walking across an intersection -- they don't let me do that anymore. and walk across an intersection and there is an elderly man and woman and waiting to see if they have enough time. just grab their hand and walk them across. it's a little tiny thing but it -- the anxiety it relieves. >> good to know the anxiety is being decreased all the time. >> ainsley: what? ray, i'm sorry, raymond, is he talking about himself. great. it looks like he -- he looks like he is going out of his way now to acknowledge his seventh
1:47 am
granddaughter after years of ignoring her. >> i have seven grandkids. you know, every day i either text them or call them. being there is important and makes such a think. >> now, laura, this new affection for his granddaughter is clearly happening because the polling is so bad among democrats and especially the black community. this is cheryl underwood's podcast from yesterday. listen to this. >> they don't want to acknowledge the other baby. i'm going to tell you from the black side. no matter whether friend or foe, as soon as the baby show up, we love the baby while people have no shill when it come to a baby showing up that they never acknowledge. >> do you know why this all this matters, laura, "the washington post" found a 10% drop in the turnout among black voters in the midterms compared to 2018 and in a new "the washington
1:48 am
post" poll, 25% of black respondents said they would be disappointed if joe biden were elected this is a bad time for democrats and black constituents. >> laura: raymond, i think that a lot of votes for the taking there on the illegal immigration issue and on issues like this. >> i think part of the reason you are seeing this volatility in the black community is for another reason. kamala harris. here she was this weekend. >> what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system, which is something i have been working on my entire career as you know. that is about restructuring and thinking about how we restructure, how we think about what causes people to enter the system. >> especially if you enter the system thinking about restructuring it. laura. i'm sure that would really focus us to think about the entering and restructuring.
1:49 am
>> didn't she lock up all these people? rewriting the whole story. she was like go get them throw away the key. that was her reputation when she was in power. >> you bet. >> laura: i'm not following the re-do of the image. >> finally, laura, you remember greta thunberg famously chiding the united nations for their sluggish response on climate change. >> how dare you, you have stolen my dreams and my childhood. >> well, it turns out she says this all the time. here is greta from over the weekend. somebody spilled a drink at lunch, apparently. >> i'm so sorry. >> how dare you. you have stolen my dreams and my childhood? >> you know, laura, it gets hard to take any of this seriously. it brings us full circle to what biden said at the top. i guess you say i'm going to criticize you for this. i will say that. you say this.
1:50 am
and then we will do whatever we want. did seems to be with greta here, too. >> laura: it's all performance art. we are all being punched. and the children of the climate as we know. we are looking forward to that new release. raymond, she is laughing at herself but really laughing at us. thanks, ray. after devon archer's testimony today the biden doj it's possible looks even more corrupt. house oversight committee member byron donalds is here next t
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president biden, in ukraine and that he was a man of the highest integrity, who only advocated on
1:56 am
behalf of the united states. >> democrats might believe that, >> laura: democrats might believe that, 60's % of likely voters believe president biden has been part of illegal cover-up to hide his involvement in his son hunter's foreign business deals. that comes before devin archer revealed 20 interactions joe biden had, that occurred. joining me now is byron donalds. after what we heard from devin archer, we heard reported only a few people were allowed, to me, it makes doj look even more corrupt for almost getting away with that sweetheart plea deal with hunter biden last week.
1:57 am
>> especially when you look at the fact that the fara violations were buried into this gun charge and now devin archer has come forward and confirms the fact hunter biden was operating as unregistered foreign agent, but his daddy, joe biden, was always on call. if my wife or my son say come to dinner, one of the first questions out of my mouth is who is at dinner. i don't just show up just because, especially if you are vice president of the united states. it is influence pedalling. it is corruption. >> laura: clear paper trail that joe biden would be stupid enough to allow to occur to go back to him to have a problem with how this obviously appears, at the least appears.
1:58 am
>> no, they don't. they want to defend their man. when it was donald trump, they moved quickly on a phone call. no other corroboration, just a phone call, frankly about the same allegations that pan out to be true about hunter biden and joe biden with burisma. they don't care about the paper trail, they care about the fact that joe biden have done the democrat bidding when it comes to policy in the federal government and they want to protect that. that is what this is about. >> laura: listen to what adam schiff on msnbc said yesterday. mccarthy is not thinking ahead, not thinking about what he's doing to the country, which has devastated the country, these faux investigation and impeachment power.
1:59 am
>> laura: congressman, apparently he has a case of massive amnesia. >> he is a liar and a hack. pure and simple. woo all the information we have, within six months of investigation, we have more than they wish they had on donald trump and they are going after him. the department of justice is corrupt. adam schiff lied to the american people before and lying now. >> laura: what is your sense now, everyone is on indictment watch. poor workers on deals at mar-a-lago january 6. what should the american people know now? >> i think the american people see this for what it is. this is the biden administration and merrick garland and jack smith going after political rival and they don't like it. it stinks of two-tier justice. if this is unamerican, we don't
2:00 am
do this in our country thchl happens in third-world countries temperature is wrong for our country. >> laura: congressman, thank you. that's it, follow me on twitter and instagram and don't forget to seat your dvr, never miss us, at 7 p.m., it is america now and forever. and jesse watters takes it all from here. ( i'm not a political operative, not a campaign professional. you set out the vision and you execute on it and if it is not executed, you make the course. >> carley: republican presidential candidate ron desantis, will he become the nominee? >> todd: and vice president kamala harris all smiles when confronted about her job performance. >> you have the lowest approval


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